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Sean Connery pour le Crédit Agricole

According to market researcher ipsos, people are confronted with up to 600 advertising messages every day. About 75% of these messages are without value and do not contribute to brand building processes. Aubert storch Associés Partenaires from Paris, France, is working hard to prevent valueless advertisements. The agency specializes in the creation of stringent advertising campaigns and maintains a profound network of cooperating artists, designers and creative characters.

The Paris-based company was founded by Olivier Aubert and his partner Anne storch in 1994. “in the same year, the French advertising industry was subject to new regula- tions which prevented advertising agencies from purchasing advertising space, for example in maga- zines,” explains Mr. Aubert, managing director of Aubert storch. “in the beginning, we decided to operate as a virtual agency and acted as a trou- bleshooting company for advertising agencies and their customers. Due to customer demand, we changed our initial concept and became a full-service agency in 2004.” ever since its establishment, Aubert storch has placed great emphasis on a close relationship with designers, artists and creative people. “Our primary goal is to create concepts and ideas for renowned corporate customers,” states the managing director. “important factors are coherence, a certain recognition value, humour and easiness. Although we have served many clients for many years, we constantly focus on a fresh conception that provides a positive brand image. An example is Galeries Lafayette, the long-established French department store. in this case, we cooperated with the artist Jean Paul Goude and have realized numerous campaigns that focus on a clear and continuous message.” Together with its team of three additional employees, Mr. Aubert and Ms. storch were able to generate eBiTDA of six million euR last year. “About 80% of all customers are located in the B2C segment,” says Mr. Aubert. “Amongst them are big service providers like banks or insurance companies. Campaigns in this sector are highly challenging since we do not advertise a real product, but a virtual service. The remaining 20% are covered by B2B clients, for example from the construction segment with accounts such as Lafarge, the worldwide number one.” On the domestic market, Aubert storch is among some of the most successful and cost-effective advertising agencies. in the future, the company strives to extend its foreign business. “We see a lot of potential in international markets,” explains the managing director. “Apart from that, we will enforce our activities in the digital sector. Recently, social media advertising has gained increasing importance. in this area, short and plain advertising messages are essential since the recipient only allows a short moment of recognition. In the time to come, we need to respond to these challenges.”

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